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The Wendake Lodge
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This unique Aboriginal 4-star boutique is located in Quebec, Canada. The lodge provides an authentic experience to its guest through the way its accommodations, event space, services and activities are managed. Visitors can view and purchase original Wendake crafts and aboriginal creations such as beaver skin cushions, ceremonial pipe and furs of all types. The design of the lodge itself is contemporary, uniting such natural materials as stone, leather and wood and forming a remarkable architectural grouping. Food offered is traditional First Nation style dishes, like a First Nation smoked fish sampler plate, Wendat soup and wild game cold cuts.

Activities offered include various cultural events, outdoor activities and a First Nation Spa center. The health center is part of the overall concept of the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations, which focuses on the authentic and the legendary Huron-Wenda hospitality. An educational experience of the Tsawenhohi House is just one of many cultural activities available at the lodge. Between 1820 and 1993 the Tsawenhohi House was home to three Grand Chiefs and other individuals actively involved in the political and economic life of the community and is  now classed as a heritage site by the Council of the Huron-Wendat Nation. Other activities include bike rides, canoeing, traditional jewelry workshops and guests can also experience a Pow Wow. Pow Wow is a gathering of First Nations of North America. Formerly, it was a religious event (shamanism) or celebration of warlike exploits. Today, there is a real “Pow Wow trail” that have become festivities and a showcase for First Nations to present their cultural heritage through dances and traditional drums. By providing these activities and delivering culturally authentic experiences their  guests can experience First Nation cultures, their rituals and traditions.

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