B Dene Adventures, Yellow Knife, North West Territories

B-Dene Adventures - Teepee
B-Dene Adventures - Winter scenery
B-Dene Adventures - Aurora

B Dene Adventures is a traditional Dene Cultural Camp located just outside of Dettah, across the bay from Yellowknife. The business is owned and operated by Bobby Drygeese who is a Yellowknife Dene First Nation.  The mission of the B Dene Adventures is to educate students, social groups, industry and visitors in the Northwest Territories about the Yellowknife’s Dene First Nation traditional way of life. What makes this development sustainable is that the Dene First Nation culture is immersed in every aspect of B. Dene Adventures. In doing so there is a cultural resurgence among youth and the communities involved, ultimately strengthening the Dene culture and sharing it with others.

B Dene Adventures offers traditional Dene cultural programs which include cultural tours, education camps, traditional Dene drumming and aurora borealis viewing that introduce visitors to the Dene people and the significance of their land and cultural traditions. Each tour includes interactions with Dene people and their cultural traditions. To ensure authenticity, B Dene Adventure employs First Nation cultural specialists to deliver authentic experiences to all visitors. The B Dene camp shares Dene culture, art and foods such as the traditional Dene Hand Games and traditional Dene music from the communities of Ndilo and Dettah.

Photos Courtesy of B-Dene Adventures (http://www.bdene.com)